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Spring into STEAM

I have been traveling the country doing workshops incorporating art into other STEM subjects. I've also had the opportunity of working with Discount School Supply and Frog Street in working with those subjects. I still think that Discount has the best, and least expensive, products on the market for doing art with STEM subjects. I also think that Frog Street is the best early childhood curriculum available today. The combination of materials from those two companies have made my workshops more accessible and higher quality.

In my opinion, ALL . classrooms should be STEAM classrooms. That is just good teaching. We know that hands-on activities will always create more brain connections than paper-pencil activities do. We also know that hands-on activities usually make a better connection to the child's real life than more abstract activities, such as filling in a worksheet.

Spring is an excellent time to make a new commitment to bring real-world experiences to young children. The world is changing and children naturally notice and are interested in changes that occur around them.

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