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"John has a magical way to capture his audience with humor, stories, and charisma. He is well-known for his vast knowledge in Early Childhood Education, and brilliant while weaving in his years of experience into the presentation. His energy is addictive and participants are always engaged while attending his workshops. John keeps pedagogy real for teachers and allows them to learn practical applications for their classrooms. He is a breath of fresh air and the consummate D.A.P. cheerleader!”

Kim Babka

Early Childhood/O.E.K. Specialist

Granite School District, Utah

"John is the ultimate educator and friend. His knowledge base of early childhood and his ability to transfer that knowledge to anyone and everyone that needs his assistance is unmatched. John's giving nature is apparent from the first moment you meet him.  His greatest joy, other than his beautiful grandchildren, is to help other teachers advance and better their ability to educate.  John has the ability to make everyone he comes into contact with feel as if they are special and unique, and with few words of encouragement and suggestion, have them understand and improve their craft.  To experience John is simply an experience not to be missed."

Samuel J. Post

PreK Teacher

Southampton Elementary School

Southampton Public Schools, New York

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