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The Fingerprint Test

I have always been intrigued with individual fingerprints. The fact that individuals have unique fingerprints is quite a mind-boggling fact, considering there are so many people who live or have lived in the world.

Children also have that curious interest about their own fingerprint. I always tried to capitalize on that interest by having them do activities that center around their print. I especially encourage teachers to do those activities now because you can find easy-to-wash stamp pads that make the process a little less messy (not that mess has ever stopped me before).

Science and math are easy subjects to use as a format for fingerprinting activities. By fingerprinting activities, I don't mean teaching the children to analyze individual prints (which will come later in their school career). I mean using their fingerprint to create support activities for other content areas.

Take a look at the bugs we created for science below.

Fingerprints are fun! So is learning about bugs!

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