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New Classroom Management Book

I'm thrilled that the first of my 'how-to' books is printed and now available. I wanted to produce a series of short, hands-on booklets that contain usable and simple solutions to running a developmentally appropriate early childhood classroom. This book is only 36 pages, but it is chock full of ideas for being more efficient and nurturing in your teaching. I began with this book because I do believe that management (or guidance, as it is called in many circles) is the foundation piece for creating a nurturing, caring and effective learning environment. I know many early childhood educators prefer the term, 'guidance' to management. Although the term guidance may connote a softer approach, I think that management is an appropriate term, as well. If you don't manage the environment, no matter what your educational philosophy might be, you are not going provide proper guidance to allow children the opportunity to flourish and bloom in your classroom. You could say that we manage the environment to provide the proper guidance for our children. As I do many classroom management workshops around the country, it is evident to me that many early childhood educators are desperate for ideas on making the most of their classroom environment.

I will eventually have a connection on my website to order the book directly, but for now, if you would like one, you can email me directly at: The cost of the book is $15, plus $2 for shipping.

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